The 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards .....All The Sounds 


 A few Holiday offerings to share! A Single: DECOSTER  and an EP: Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats  both Celebrating Diversity, Respect, and the many Joys of the Holiday Season.
As we wind down 2018, lets gear up for a more Mindful 2019..... HaPpY HoLiDaZe Y'all !!!


Well it's been a MINUTE since I've posted happenings here!! The big motivator .....?? MONOLisa Studios recently hosted an interview with Bren Davies and Brian T Silak from Tape Op!! Hands down Tape Op is my go to source for inspiration and knowledge about The Recording Arts. To say Denise and I are very thankful is an understatement!!!!

BIG THX to Larry Crane for making it happen and stay tuned for the publishing date........

Tape Op

Bren Davies

Brian T Silak

Lots of new Recordings out or coming out soon, Lucy Kalantari and The Jazz Cats, Spiros Soukis Trio ( @ the recording session we found out that all three of us share a Sept 7th Birthday!!) Bill Foley, DECOSTER, Sharon Kenny, Mike Acerbo.  Skinny Richie is going to finish another song called "Family," which features the amazing vocals of Leah Coloff. Check the LINKS page.

Lastly, Denise and I have been trying to foster a more supportive community for Artists @ MONOLisa Studios, so when I recently discovered the folks at Artists Without Walls, aka AWoW, I didn't waste any time discussing with their two Founders the possibilty of working together. Awow is providing opportunities for Artists at any stage of their career, to explore their new projects in a safe and nurturing environment .... do check them out here: Artists Without Walls

Ciao4 Now....... Keep Groovin!!!!


Skinny Richie finished another song "The Profiteer" BIG Thanks to Michael Brunnock again for his stellar Lead Vocals - My HDB Bandmate David "Deeps" Patterson for the "Inverted Jigs and PolyRhythmic Reels" - Teddy Kumpel for the very musical Mix - and Alan Silverman from Arf Digital for his equally musical Mastering!

More News to come when I have more time to post it!!!  BE WELL .... Ciao4 Now

Skinny Richie is slowly but surely finishing the songs from his collection entitled "CHANGES"  .......Here's "Dr Time"  It's looking like Skinny will be working with Michael Brunnock on another song very soon, "The Profiteer" Feeling blessed...he's amazing! 


 Thanks to Teddy Kumpel     Mixing/Mastering 

 Steve Jabas    Cool Guitar Overdubs and 

Denise Barbarita    Live Drum Tracking





Skinny Richie "Changes"
My Songwriter/Producer alter ego…..
This is the second Mastered Track to be released ……

One of the many goals of this Project is to work with some of my Favorite Voices and with this in mind,  I will be tracking the "hauntingly beautiful" voice of Michael Brunnock for the next song "Dr. Time"
In the meantimeLISTEN to Michael sing one of my favorite songs of his…..HERE: Man Overboard

I've FINALLY gotten the Patent Filed for my "NU MILLENNIUM TRAP CASE" I built a Prototype and have been using it for over a year now and it hasn't fallen apart!  PHEW …..I've got a lot of time and Benjamins invested in this project, thanks POP!! Necessity truly is the mother of invention in this case ….har har!!  After MANY years of lugging gear using carts, dollies and outdated Trap Case Designs this sucka is a Godsend. I can't wait to share it with the Drumming Community ….more on that to come!!!



Well, Skinny Richie tried to exercise President Obama's mantra of "Hope" ....and hoped to find someone to produce a video for the first completed song from his collection of songs entitled "Changes" But alas, when your video budget is $0.00 and you're tired of waiting for hope to manifest itself into a proper budget,  you roll up your digital sleeves and make a video yourself .....and here it is "Love Is Calling" Hope you dig it!!